pretty lady with shawl

i was struck with the wonderful colors in this picture. her shawl and the background are so pretty. i don't know if this thrift store purchase was a deal or not - i think i remember that it cost more than i usually spend (like $10 to $12?). but i like it and if i don't find a place for it, it will go on the garage sale this spring.


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

It's a beautiful image. She is so graceful and pretty in her shawl. I vote that she should not be part of the garage sale!! :)
I meant to tell you in the last post that dried flowers can be preserved by applying a glaze on them. Have you heard of that? I haven't done it myself, but I've seen it done. It keeps them from crumbling. Just in case there were ever some flowers that you really didn't want to part with.

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

I have this same picture, mine is very old~~~bought it when I was antiqueing paid 60.00 for it!!!IT WAS ONE OF THOSE BUY ME THINGS !!! I don't regret it~~ I LOVE THE LADY~AND THE COLORS ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL !!!! You got a treasure!!KEEP HER!!!!!I'm sure you'll find a nice place where she can be seen and enjoyed !!!SHE'S LOVELY~~~Blessings Deborah~~~THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VISIT TO MY SITE AND IT WAS SWEET OF YOU TO CHOOSE TO FOLLOW ME AROUND~~I LOVE HAVING COMPANY!!!!

Angela Harris said...

This is a beautiful portrait! You know? It almost looks like Taylor Swift to me.


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