pretty lady with shawl

i was struck with the wonderful colors in this picture. her shawl and the background are so pretty. i don't know if this thrift store purchase was a deal or not - i think i remember that it cost more than i usually spend (like $10 to $12?). but i like it and if i don't find a place for it, it will go on the garage sale this spring.


Jessica Rodarte said...

It's a beautiful image. She is so graceful and pretty in her shawl. I vote that she should not be part of the garage sale!! :)
I meant to tell you in the last post that dried flowers can be preserved by applying a glaze on them. Have you heard of that? I haven't done it myself, but I've seen it done. It keeps them from crumbling. Just in case there were ever some flowers that you really didn't want to part with.

The Painted Nest said...

I have this same picture, mine is very old~~~bought it when I was antiqueing paid 60.00 for it!!!IT WAS ONE OF THOSE BUY ME THINGS !!! I don't regret it~~ I LOVE THE LADY~AND THE COLORS ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL !!!! You got a treasure!!KEEP HER!!!!!I'm sure you'll find a nice place where she can be seen and enjoyed !!!SHE'S LOVELY~~~Blessings Deborah~~~THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VISIT TO MY SITE AND IT WAS SWEET OF YOU TO CHOOSE TO FOLLOW ME AROUND~~I LOVE HAVING COMPANY!!!!

Angela Harris said...

This is a beautiful portrait! You know? It almost looks like Taylor Swift to me.


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