we just received our portraits from the boys' session in september today...i am so pleased! i am especially thankful we had these taken when we did - there has been a lot of change in both of them since last fall. and i wanted to capture them while there was still some "little boy" left in both of them...it goes far too fast.


Kath said...

those are beautiful, your boys are darling, and you're right, they do lose that "little boy" in a flash...I have a 10 y/o who is on the brink of it, and 3 older ones (21, 18, 16) so it's sad to see it happen!

Lori said...

I haven't made the time to tell you just how beautiful the pictures of the boys turned out...but then I am sure you already know this!!! They have the sweetest, most innocent faces and they look so happy together. What a GIFT they are!!!

Angela Harris said...

Wow! They are beautiful boys! I know they wouldn't like me saying that but the photos are amazong.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Beautiful photos! I have 3 little boys :-)


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