crumbling roses etc.

i finally cleaned out a display cabinet that had been untouched for years, unfortunately. lots of dust. but anyway - i pulled out my crumbling rose wedding bouquet and took some photos - it is falling apart now and will be discarded soon. i loved the simplicity of this bouquet - just pale, pale roses and minimal greens.

and a simple corsage from the groom's dinner

the dusty bouquet of roses i received after the birth of my last son, 7 plus years ago...

did i already post this? i just love the old pink trunk these portraits sit on...

and the slightly funky floor lamp with pretty pink crystals that i bought at tj maxx several years ago.


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

What lovely dried flowers. So sad that you have to discard them soon!

Angela Harris said...

Those roses are beautiful. You can't keep them in a shadowbox with a photo of the event? Those baby photos are beautiful and I LOve the floor lamp.


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