saturday snippets

last evening we hosted a mother's day dinner for my parents and my in-laws...sunday seems like it will be too rushed this year.  our menu was quite simple:  baby back ribs, homemade baked beans, oriental cabbage salad, grilled chicken legs, and huckleberry italian sodas with a splash of cream.  my table was very simple as well - i filled three vintage ball mason jars with  fairly primitive looking arrangements:) 

i've been hanging the graduation photos we've received on this old crib rail

an old pictograph(?) card i brought out for the season.  i just love the hula hoop and hats and darling little title

three more vintage metal stamps i've acquired recently...i really can't resist these!

these old aqua ball mason jars are another slight obsession of mine, although i have a personal rule of not paying more than $1 for each...i have seen them sold for much, much more.  and i think they're very worth it, if you don't have the time to browse through junk and thrift stores and gradually acquire them.  i think i have around 25 -30 of these; they're not hard to find, which is wonderful...

and i love how this little pink bouqet really accents my younger son's portrait - it seems to pick up the beautiful color of his lips against all the neutral tones:)

happy mother's day to each and every one of you!


Pretty Things said...

I collect blue mason jars. I don't know why -- they just make me happy!

Jessica Rodarte said...

happy mother's day, mary. :)
love your saturday snippets especially all of the pretty arrangements.

Janean said...

happy mother's day to you as well....thanks for the flowers!

p.s. those stamps are the *cat's pajamas!*


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