composing an autumn porch

true to form, i'm energized by fall! autumn is so fabulous, that i find myself feeling almost frantic and pressured...do this, see that, take photos, decorate, plan parties, and still i worry frequently that
i'm somehow "missing fall"!?! what in the world. it happens every single year, so i guess i need to accept it and just keep having small panic attacks:) while eating buttercup squash or snapping photos or drinking those divine fall flavor coffees - decaf, of course!

today finds me puttering around in the rain, trying to put together a warm and welcoming fall entrance. i'd like to share some photos of what i have so far and then ask beg plead implore you to give me any great ideas you have to shape it all up! because as i've said many times - i shine at gathering items i love - but i feel my skills at arranging, displaying are somewhat lacking...

so i'll show you what i have so far:

now this is where i'm stuck and here are things i still have available - the items in the next two photos. including the red basket, corn, a scarecrow, sap pails, more pumpkins, fall florals...and i know i can find more around here, too. my style is more simple than grand...

if you have the time and inclination, i'd love to hear any and all suggestions:)

and no matter what, suggestions or not, please have yourself the most warm and cozy and beautiful autumn ever... and thanks for stopping by!

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Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I love it as is. Truly! I love your style! So elegant. Each piece speaks for itself though together are quite lovely.
I hear you about "missing fall." I do that, too! It does feel like it is so much shorter than the rest; doesn't it? I better enjoy the season for crisp blue jeans, light sweaters, pumpkin lattes, and warm vanilla candles while it lasts!
Miss your posts!!


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