octobers past...reminiscing

this week is a busy one as we prepare for this event:

we've hosted this neighborhood party since 2003 and have missed only twice. hence the 'almost annual' title'. it's a family party and very kid-oriented...costumes, halloween tattoos, food, games, pinatas, pumpkin carving - i love every minute of it! there's still lots to do, of course - my friend next door is coming over to help decorate today. i'll share pics of it all once friday night is history...

i was browsing through photos of octobers past and just had to quickly share a few of my favorites. i can't describe how happy this one makes me! it was just one of those birthdays where everything clicked...the decorations, the cake, the kids - and i had a blast with the pirate theme, matey!! i still don't understand why my husband resented burning the edges of the fabulous vintage looking map invitations i made...it only took an hour or two and a few singed fingers. and then another hour to roll them up and put them inside empty plastic bottles.

i think he is an adorable pirate!

and another thing: why did my husband object to just holding the pinata while the kids batted at it in the basement? after all, he wouldn't let me hang it from the ceiling. hence - the plank you see underneath the teetering paper mache ship;)
(hello, shabby chic slipcover in the background - i loved you then but i don't miss you now.)

he's just an all-around good guy - vintage looking and with an awesome grin:)

and a little vignette from a halloween past - i have a love of the words "sinister" and "spooky" - is that fairly normal?

have a wonderful wednesday:)


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

How could he resent a few burned fingers and possible pinata injury? It looks like such a fun party! I wish I lived closer. :) I wouldn't mind burning a few fingers for making vintage map invitations!

Laurie said...

Great photos -- I especially love the last two!

pballard said...

Hey there, I just found your blog and love it btw! Could you tell me where you got your sinister flash cards. Their so cute!


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