so many favorites

such a powerful statement...i just love this subway art sign...and the message resonates with me very strongly.

just how much cuter could this dog be? i think this pillow is done perfectly...

lately, i love almost everything i lay eyes on with the birds on a wire theme. trendy? probably - but i  think a pillow like this is classic.

a fabulous wall decal - and it looks so good with the simple sofa. i've always loved maps as wall art and this black and white color scheme is a modern take that i admire.

another trendy theme - chevron. who wouldn't love to get a little treat in one of these darling bags? i especially love the black and white set.

and who wouldn't get a chuckle out ot this mug? i'm not much for mugs or cutesy sayings - but this one appeals to me. love the mustache, love the black and white.

so as of today, i have 20 pages of favorites on etsy...how about you???


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Fun favorites! That first sign is really great. I have so many favorites, I think my pages were in the 50's last I checked. eek.
Sometimes I have to go through and edit them so it doesn't get ridiculous. I haven't done that in a while.

Faded Plains said...

Those are some great etsy finds...I'm lovin' the chevron pattern too.


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