for baby, for bella

baby shower today! thanks for inviting all of us, debbie:) it is so wonderful that baby bella is doing so very well! so in the spirit of this special party, i want to share the baby photos of my two precious sons, now 11 and 7. last winter i removed these from their place of honor in our family room and took them upstairs. just the other day, my 7 year old looked at me with melancholy eyes and said "i miss those baby pictures, mama."

just to clarify - i do not have 8 children. it's just that photos have always been very meaningful to me, and i was determined to have the ubiquitous 3,6,9, and 12 month shots of each child. i fought city hall and i won! heehee. it was worth every penny and all the blood, sweat and tears of a major photo sitting with babies...enough said.

now this special occasion has caused me to recall this lovely old poem...it has always made me misty-eyed. here's to you, bella:)


An ache in the back and an ache in the arms
All on account of the baby,
A fear and a fright and a thousand alarms
All on account of the baby,
And bottles and rattles and whistles and rings
From cellar to attic a clutter of things,
From morning to night and to morning again
More fuss and more fume than an army of men
And a head that is stupid for lack of its sleep
And a heart where a flood of anxieties leap—
All on account of the baby.
A joy in the heart and a light in the eyes,
All on account of the baby
A growing content and a growing surprise
All on account of the baby
And patience that conquers a myriad frets
And a sunshiny song that another begets
And pureness of soul as a baby is pure
And sureness of faith as the children are sure
And a glory of love between husband and wife
And a saner and happier outlook on life
All on account of the baby.

(Amos R. Wells)


Floss said...

How lovely - thanks for sharing this. We got out our old photos a while ago and the boys (now 10 and 12) really enjoyed looking through them and re-living or re-discovering their early childhood.

Sea Witch said...

Sweet post and a lovely phot display. Some of the photos remind me of Bessie Pease Goodman prints. My sons are grown and I'm now expecting twin grandchildren. Can't wait to shamelessly spoil them. Sea Witch

Sue said...

I love the way your photos are displayed, the the poem was very touching! Take care!

Jessica Rodarte said...

Such a touching post. Thank you for sharing.

trash talk said...

Your children are beautiful. The poem...moving! Y'all are determined to make me cry rivers today. Thank you so much!

The Renaissance Chick said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful children...along with a beautiful poem!


Mindy said...

Such a beautiful poem! And your son missing the baby pictures is so sweet! ~Mindy

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Awesome poem!!! And awesome photos too. I like the way you displayed them! So cool of you to participate in Bella's party, I enjoyed my visit!!!!
everything vintage

Unknown said...

sniff, sniff what a beautiful poem...and your pictures look awesome!

:) T


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