i don't speak french, but i know what i love when i see it - in any language...i want to thank shelley over at sweet pea for kindly inviting me to join in her "i'd rather be in paris" swap. i am just thrilled with what my partner, diana, sent me and i know you'll enjoy seeing it all, too:) i was more than a bit overwhelmed at being involved in swaps with two real life antiquers lately!!! i am just a thrifter, junker with no real knowledge of what i'm doing.

the beauty of this old millinery...and the wonderful shabby little mirror
wonderful vintage perfume labels, baubles, anagrams - and look at that beautiful domino!

look at the fabulous old postcards with attached cut buttons - this photo does not do justice to these...

oh, the old sepia photos -with such lovely subjects! vintage button card and other ephemera...

i love these glassine envelopes with these french words, both inside and out!

imagine finding this little craftpaper box labeled "fragments"...how appealing and intriguing

then to open it and find bits and pieces of old frames, wrapped in a snippet of linen...it is so beautiful

more of the little embellished envelopes that came in this incredible box:)
there may be a few more detail photos to follow - i had camera troubles today; not sure why? thank you so very much, diana - and shelley, for hosting:)


Laurie said...

Wow! A heavenly package!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I'm so bummed I missed out on this swap! What a great theme; you received so many pretties.

Christine Edwards said...

Oo La La! What a magnifique swap!

sweetpea said...

Fabulous package Mary~~you must be so pleased! Can't wait to see what you sent Diana...


Lori said...

how beautiful...Diana sent you the prettiest things...and they are packaged wonderfully...i bet you really loved receiving that Mary...what a fun swap!!!

Diana Leitner and Donna Cedergreen said...

Mary-my pleasure and thank you so much for being my partner! This was so much fun to do! XO Diana

Karen Valentine said...

Hi there! i found your blog during one of my explorations, and I'm so glad I did!!! It's wonderful!! I am adding you to my blog roll. I would also love to know how to get involved in some of these swaps. I've never done one before but I think it would really be fun. I would use the vintage stuff all the time in art. Thanks for your help!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Studio

Jacqueline said...

What gorgeous little treasures.I want a partner like Diana !!.I just love little trasures like those. They are making my mouth water. XXXX

Gretchen said...

Wow the treasures you rec'd from Diana were heavenly. Great taste and items that were so beautiful.
I need to get my treasures I rec'd posted yet. So behind.


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