what would freud say?

tonight i giggled right out loud as i sat here watching the boys play in the backyard, and happened to glance up at the "vignette" that has evolved on the fireplace mantel. i really did think to myself "i wonder what freud would say?". not that i truly care. but it is thought provoking...and it amused me:) any thoughts or insights would be happily received and considered! i'm pretty difficult to offend:)

p.s. it's "the hand" that really screams something, i think...but what?!?


trash talk said...

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Actually I think it's quite ironic that there are no hands on the clock and yet one raised as if asking a question. Hmmm!
It also could be saying "Clock minus hands" or time to(2) stop!

common ground said...

The mirror serves to reflect you, who you are, and you are the "subject" in the frame. You need to focus on yourself(in a good way, not vanity)The clock shows you are not afraid of time passing you by, because it is always the same. The math card is not subtraction, but two "odds", becoming a more "simple" uncomplicated pair, a twosome. And the hand represents that you are not afraid to volunteer, that you give of yourself and that you are an affirmative, responsible person.
How's that? I also do dreams.

common ground said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the gingerbread work in the corners signifies that you have a little "frivolity" in your life and personality.
OK, I'm done. LOL

Lori said...

freud huh...well, that is too deep for me...i just woke up and i am a little fuzzy here...i do love your white vignette though, it is lovely!!!

Musings of a Sea Witch said...

Freud would blame your mother. I love your grouping...but for those who need things to ponder, consider that "the hand of time reflects back at the viewer all the while hinting at the gingerbread trim of life." Okay, I'm going back to the sea. Sea Witch

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I think the hand is raised, saying hey look over here at the pretty vignette!!

Jean Tuthill said...

Hey, that's all too deep for me. I just think the hand is saying, "YooHoo, I'm over here"!
I love the all white vignette, it's pretty, calm and serene!

Rebecca said...



Can't wait to see where you CREATE!


Christine Edwards said...

Oh Mary, I have the same thoughts about how my collections can be interpreted. :-) I do adore your vignette.

Laurie said...

The double frames against the mirror encourage you to look closer at yourself; the clock face is minus 2 hands, just as the flash card indicates, and the hand reaching up ward is trying to snatch back time!


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